SIDA and Driver Training

Geo-specific SIDA and Ground Vehicles Training

AOA Driver SIDA Training


Our geo-specific training is the modern solution to the expense of driver training. Unlike the AAAE and others who require membership fees and high dollar installed infrastructure, ACE never charges a membership fee and the training is accomplished over the Internet at any computer and many mobile devices worldwide.

Our program provides a comprehensive, high quality training curriculum through our on-line portal or your turnkey website populated with all our training courses. Our program frees your staff to perform driving enforcement and other safety duties instead of engaging drivers in redundant training.

SIDA and Driver training is expensive such that students must take time from work production to travel to the training site, take the course and travel back. Our course allows the student to take the course on their schedule. They can start and stop at anytime and pick up where they left off when they restart. When the course is completed an email with their customized certificate will be sent to them as well as an other email addresses desired. Additionally, Airport staff will have complete access to the student base and can be granted enrollment authority so adding students can be done easily on a day to day basis if required.

The course is narrated and contain learning interactions, glossaries and fully customizable testing.

The Aviation Continuing Education template was developed for use across the world for high quality airport SIDA and driver training. We can make your standard program operational and ready for students in less than 90 days. More robust programming may take a few days longer. These times are based upon a two week photo and documentation turnaround from your organization.

How it works.

Your personnel advise ACE on the customization requirements to transform our comprehensive template into a geo-specific course that meets the needs of security and driving safety at your airport. ACE provides a worksheet indicating the required logo's, photographs, video and documentation to be embedded in the programming. We will make the program look and feel like your Airport using the information provided. Your SIDA and driving course students will take your course and receive certification based upon successful completion of the course criteria. The system tracks when the driver started the course, how long they spent on it, how many modules were completed and the results of testing. Certificate are issued with unique numbers so forgery is all but eliminated. Since your department receives email copies of all certificates. We can also provide you direct access to student information based upon your needs. You can opt for ACE control or let us provide a turnkey, airport controlled operation that everyone will be happy with.  With minor changes we can make it look and feel like any airport worldwide. Give us a call today from 0700-2300 everyday at 877-322-7139 or email for an immediate reply.

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