14 CFR 139.321 Fuel Safety Training

This category contains the supervisory course meeting (e)(1) of the 14 CFR 139.321 law, the line service course meeting (e)(2), and a Self Fueling course required by many non-139 cretificate airports.

FAA Approved Line Fuel Service Training course.

Fuel Safety Supervisor 14 CFR 139.321 (e)91) - 2016

Once purchased, the manual will be personalized and produced in Secure PDF format and delivered within 24 hours to your email address of record.  The manual is 7MB in size. Please verify your email client will accept this large file.  We can also make the manual available for direct download should your email client be unable to manage 7MB files.  

This 179 page course companion manual covers in details all the lessons of the Fuel Safety Supervisor Training.  It contains all the information required for training of Line Service Personnel.


This course meets the training requirements as set forth by 14 CFR 139.321 and AC 150/5230-4B. 14 CFR 139.321 (e)(2) requires that all others that handle hazardous materials at airports be trained on the subjects contained in the Fuel Safety Supervisor course prior to assuming hazardous duties and every 24 consecutive calendar months thereafter. Certificates are issued via email PDF document and are available on the site as well. Certificates are issued when all the course criteria are met such as; time in course, quiz scores, completion of all lessons and successful completion of the final assessment. Please contact our Help Desk with academic or technical questions. We offer group rates on five or more students.

This lesson is the updated Lesson 2 from the Fuel Safety Supervisor and Line Fuel Service Courses. It is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes in duration.   

This course will cover the sources of fuel contamination, filtration, storage facilities fuel quality testing procedures and operational procedures. It is intended to provide fuel handlers with the knowledge to effectively receive, store, test and dispense aviation fuel in accordance with industry standards.   It is a self paced program consisting of six chapters and a final assessment to gauge the retention of the information contained herein.  It is a self paced program and will take approximately 3 hours to complete.


 This 2 hour course is designed for the aircraft owner/operator who desires to fuel their own aircraft at airports requiring fuel safety training for those who handle hazardous materials. It is a significantly shortened version of our 16 hour FAA approved Supervisory Fuel Safety and Inspection Course designed for professional fuel handlers. It is a self paced program and should take approximately 1-2 hours.  It does not meet the requirements for fuel handlers at airport as set forth in 14 CFR 139.321.