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Underwriter AcceptedThe ACE, SafetyPro™ Training Center provides high quality, timely training. Our curriculum exceeds Federal Aviation Administration, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency standards. The SafetyPro™, LinePro™, EcoPro™ and MaintenancePro™ series are the most comprehensive aviation ground safety training programs available. With over 100 courses in our library, and growing quarterly, the aviation industry can train personnel to Federal and insurance standards at one location. Look deep into our competitors curriculum and you will find that ACE provides the course content you need to meet federal training requirements.

Effective September 28, 2012 the A/C 150-5230-4B went into effect. The Fuel Safety Supervisor and Line Fuel Service courses are fully compliant with the revised Advisory Circular. The Supervisory course includes a comprehensive lesson on Instructional Methodology as required by the new Advisory Circular.

What our Students are Saying

Thank you so much for your help and support during my recent training class, it was really a very good course from great source and as usual very valuable information. Thank you again for your commitment and dedication.

Esameldin Alhag,  Fuel System Operations Manager,  ASIG® | Aircraft Service International Group®

I was very impressed with the training your company provided, and the ease in which it was accomplished. I have become more knowledgeable regarding the FAA rules and regulations regarding fire safety within our industry.

Jim Hanway, Trainer/Supervisor, Midlantic Jet Aviation Inc.

The online Fuel Safety Supervisor Course was a quick and flexible way to receive pertinent information about fuel safety and handling. I enjoyed the format of this course. Its layout was effective and I was able to quickly access information from any of the past lessons. The course is also programmed to ask if you wanted to resume where you left off or start from the beginning of the lesson again if you quit in the middle of it. This course was easily adapted into my dynamic work day. I highly recommend this course.

Jessica Groff, Airport Manager, Michigan City Municipal Airport, (See more testimonials)

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